KKD Garage
Colonie, NY

Wheels & Tires

Mounting and Balancing Price List

Dismount only: Starting at $10 / tire

Mounting and high speed balance (with tire purchase)*: Starting at $20 / tire

Mounting and balance (tires NOT purchased from KKD Garage)*:  Starting at $25 / tire

Dismount, mount and balance (NOT purchased from KKD Garage)*: Starting at $30 / tire

* Mounting and balancing prices include new valve stems and required wheel weights. 

** Some vehicles and / or tires may require additional labor. This includes but is not limited to: stretched tires, over-sized tires, and over-sized wheels (larger than 18").    

***Pricing does NOT include new Tire Pressure Monitoring System sensors where applicable.

Although we take great care when dismounting and balancing tires, due to circumstances that may be above our control, 
KKD Garage is not liable for any damage to wheels, tires, or sensors caused during the dismounting and/or mounting of tires.

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