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Remote Start and Alarm Systems

How to Choose the Right Remote Starter / Alarm Kit for your needs:

1. Choose your signal confirmation mode:
A. 1 Way: With a 1 way kit, the remote will send the signal only. The only confirmation that the signal went through is visually with the vehicle parking lights. If the vehicle cannot be seen, there is no confirmation that the signal was received.

B. 2 way: With a 2 way kit, the remote will send and receive signals. The remote will beep and/or the LED will light to confirm that the signal was received by the vehicle.

2. Choose your Range:
A. AM Signal: AM systems are 'short range' systems designed to reach UP TO 800ft - 1000ft. 

B. SH Signal: SH systems have a slightly extended range that varies from 1500ft - 3000ft.

C. SS Signal: SS systems have an extra long range that varies from 4000ft - 1 Mile. 

3. Choose your remote style:
A. Basic 1 or 4 Button Remotes: These remotes are for basic remotes with either 1 or 4 buttons.

B. LCD Remotes: LCD remotes add a little extra 'flair' by giving the user a viewable screen to see exactly what the remote starter is doing. All confirmations (2 way only) can be seen right on the screen of the remote.

C. SLICE Remote: The SLICE remote is a new small and sleek remote. At roughly 2" x 1" x 1/4", it is one of the smallest remotes on the market. 

4. Finally, choose your module:
A. Remote start only: These systems will control the remote start function as well as keyless entry (*vehicle must have power door locks controlled by a switch)

B. Remote Start / Alarm: These systems include a fully functional alarm system in addition to the remote start and keyless entry. The alarm will monitor the doors, hood, trunk, ignition status, as well as an included shock sensor

*With almost all Compustar Prime / Pro Series systems, the remote / antenna kits are completely interchangeable and easily upgradeable. Had a basic remote installed and decided that you'd like to upgrade to the LCD remote? Simply purchase the remote / antenna kit (contact for pricing) and the antenna can be replaced with the new antenna. No need to remove and re-install the main module! This saves time and money.


1 Way Systems starting at $250 Installed*

2 Way Systems starting at $350 Installed*


Remote Paging System
Touch Pad Remote Paging System (with keypad vehicle entry)
Hands Free Keyless Entry
3-In-One Alarm Sensor (Shock, Tilt, G-Force)
Dual Stage Shock Sensor
Temperature Sensor
SLICE Remote Silicone Cases 
DRONE Mobile Module

*Additional parts and/or labor may be required on some vehicles. Please fill out the form on the 'Contact' page with your desired component(s) for a personalized complete estimate.
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